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Robert Doisneau High School is a school for General Education whose aim is to prepare students for University. Our students are aged 15 to 18 and spend 3 years in our school. After the first year, they specialize either in Literature and languages, Economics,  Science and Mathematics or Technics.  At the end of the third year, they take their High School diploma. We have 530 students and 79 teachers (some of them part-time or working in different schools). The curriculum focuses on communication skills, either written or oral, and aims at giving students enough cultural background (history, geography, French, languages, science) to specialize further when studying at the university. Therefore, we try to use various communication means, like computers, the internet, but we also have projects including film making or slam sessions.    Besides, we also have some pupils with a high achievement in sport (female football players of the French Hopeful Group) or who study art like Drama or Circus Art.

Our high school is located in a disadvantaged area. It is an urban environment, very close to the second largest city in France, Lyon. Most pupils come from migrant families. There are several ethnic groups in the school, mainly from Africa or North Africa but also Eastern countries. Our pupils very often underestimate their abilities and being part of an international partnership would enable them to get a better feeling of their own value, which would compensate partly the disadvantages they suffer due to their background and give them valuable knowledge and skills when it comes to studying further or even finding a job later on.