SLOVAKIA: Pedagogická a sociálna academia in Bratislava.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 October 2013 22:38 Published: 12 October 2013
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The Academy of Pedagogy and Social Work is a secondary school which includes the students with special needs /dyslexia, dysgraphia, disabled/, the project work will not avoid them. As many students do not come from very rich families and many of them commute to school from the villages the contribution of this project will be important to them. The activities will be especially significant because of the future careers of our students. They will learn how to use theory in practice. They will gain communicative language and ICT skills that will make them more confident, more effective in their work and more motivated. They will appreciate the value of knowledge. The aim of the project plan is to overcome different prejudices, to get to know each other, to make new friendships, to improve our usage of multimedia, to communicate fluently in foreign language.