HUNGARY: Gyula Alapfokú Közoktatási Intézmény Bay Zoltán Általános Iskola Tagintézmény in Gyula.

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Our institution is located in Gyula which is a small town directly next to the Romanian border. Besides the permanent population, there are a large number of those, who temporarily reside in our city. One reason is that four high schools are also located in  that county and national attraction district. The other major factor is tourism, which is greatly affecting the life of the city’s Castle Spa determined by domestic and foreign visitors’ visiting. These factors greatly affect the city's cultural life, which is significant throughout the whole year. The city's other main pillars of the economy where the world famous meat factory Gyulai sausage is made. The county hospital is located in Gyula, which is the largest institution here thus, the high number of public sector employees.

The city of three nationalities live side by side, Hungarian, German and Romanian. Here is the country's only ethnic Romanian high school, and in our institute an ethnic German language student grades operate as well. This is a good example of the openness of the citizens of our city and the adoption of other cultures to live together with them. Of course, it also permeates the spirit of our institution.

Our institute was established in 2007 with contraction. Six member institutions are in seven supplies of task.   The institution consists of four elementary schools and an Elementary School of Arts. About 1,600 students and 200 employees make up our institution. Our school has got 183 students who live in a rural area. Having regarded to the integration of the school all we can keep, the institute train 27 special needs and 95 disadvantaged students.