PORTUGAL: Escola Secundaria Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro in Caldas da Rainha.

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Our institution is situated in a small town, about 80 km north from the capital (Lisbon). Most of its 1010 students come from the surrounding rural areas. Many of them have social and economic difficulties and benefit from state subsidies.

In the Basic School (from the 7 th to the 9 th grade) there is a high percentage of potential “drop outs “. They are students who only deal with new technologies at school and never had direct approaches with other cultures besides their.

It welcomes students from foreign countries such as: Republic of Moldavia, Brazil, Ukraine, etc, and also students with learning problems.

Besides promoting the contact among the European countries, we aim at getting a deep knowledge of the different education systems, developing a cooperation in order to exchange learning methods logiest and stimulating the open mildness to new cultures. Taking in to account the exchange of teaching and learning methods, materials and curricula. This project will provide teachers a global knowledge and reinforcement of the European, National and Local learning dimension in common topics.