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here are the speeches made by the students taking part in the last meeting in Hungary (June 2015):


Why am I proud of being European?

We, the teenagers from eleven different European states: Italy, Germany, Greece, Hungary, France, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey, have all gathered here as a result of a Comenius Project called: “Through Small Steps to Giant Leaps – my contribution to a United Europe”. After two years of fruitful cooperation, we would like to share our views on being part of this international experience based on cooperation and mutual understanding. We, the active citizens, despite coming from different cultural backgrounds have all been successful in reaching our common goals. Our small steps became huge leaps in such areas as art and culture, environment protection, common economic policy, social organizations, political systems, human rights, entrepreneurship, health and safety.

Being European does not mean being the same but it means leading a life in a democratic world and contributing to making our land a better place to live for each individual. We are proud to be here, we are proud to speak openly and we are proud to have met all the fantastic people within the last two years. However, we are most proud, as Europeans, to be able to say that:

  • we can travel freely from country to country, widening our knowledge about other nations and becoming more tolerant as well as understanding,
  • we learn about lifestyles of our peers from other countries and have a chance to learn from each other respecting our own roots,
  • we can take part in international projects aimed at broadening our knowledge and improving language skills – the two skills so important in our future life,
  • we make friends with whom we keep in touch for long, friends who might speak another language but still friends who will respect our opinions and priorities,
  • we run common policies aimed at dealing with problems and in this way we prevent undesired consequences all European countries may suffer from,
  • we can develop our interests and hobbies which we choose ourselves, thus having freedom of choice,
  • we develop our language skills thanks to which we can communicate with people all over the world,
  • we can study and work in another country, being treated equally and receiving the same standards of education and social care

We hope our experience and knowledge will help us follow the ideas of active citizenship and will be an inspiration for other young people who not only dream about doing something worthwhile for the community they live in, learn and work, but also want to invest in their own future, making friends for life and becoming more open minded.



Why we are proud to be European?

We are proud to be European because we can travel easily due to the free circulation of people and goods without using passports, WHICH IS AN IMPORTANT ASPECT WHEN WE WANT OR HAVE TO TRAVEL AROUND EUROPE.

WE CAN USE THE SAME CURRENCY SO IT IS ANOTHER POINT TO MAKE TRAVELLING EASIER. We can safely travel by train, aeroplane or car. We can go wherever we want. We have lots of opportunities as students.

We can learn, work abroad and take part in projects like Comenius and Erasmus+. We can practise our English with new friends. We have got a chance to learn different languages - Spanish, Polish, French and Slovak language.

Cultural integration with other European countries is also a very important aspect, we can share our typical traditions, cultures, and habits with each other.

EUROPE HAS AN INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCE ON ECONOMICS AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS. All of the European citiziens have the same rights and duties.we also have peaceful relation between European countries.

European citiziens are very understanding and we accept others with their differences, like religion and culture without discrimination .

European history is very interesting

We often have common roots.

Europe is a rich continent consisting of developed countries.

In most countries of European Union we have the same currency.

Europe has got lots of seas, rivers, mountains, oceans…

Tourists from other countries come to Europe to go sightseeing and admire different landscapes.

Lots of people go abroad to work and study without any problems.


We personally believe that active citizenship must be a shared task, shared by students, teachers, non-teaching staff, all other istitutions, public bodies, local governments: in brief, the whole community, both inside and outside the school.
Developing citizenship also entails promoting a culture of legality as a crucial step towards the social and civic competences required for life-long learning . However, it is not only what you learn, but also how you learn it that is important in active citizenship skills: sometimes that means the way through which students acquire knowledge can be as effective and important in obtaining results as the knowledge itself. Both peer tutoring and cooperative learning are excellent vehicles for transmitting ideas, attitude of cooperation and opennes towards the others. Sharing the life of a family in another country, experiencing education systems gives students firsthand knowledge of another social-cultural reality. Exchanges also offer opportunities for students to work together on a project , cooperating and sharing knowledge. Working on a common theme unites students and tends to highlight similaritties between individuals, cultures and values, rather than emphasitiny differences. However, to share information and learn about another country’s culture implies knowledge of one’s own culture and identity.


Milan :

Being a European citizen is good due to the fact that we have got many, many good opportunities. For example :

-          Ability to travel all around European Union due to the Schengen area – the area which is almost in the whole European Union. This means open borders and ability to go everywhere we want to. No restrictions, there is no customs officers at the moment. [excluding some countries which have not implemented this yet]. And so, projects like this one are able to be put into effect.

Aya :

For me , living as an European citizen is something we could be grateful for because:

  • this is where the Human and civil Rights were born
  • every European citizen has the same rights and duties
  • having the same currency is an advantage too because we don‘t need to exchange money while travelling
  • in Europe there is a diversity of cultures and of languages

Europe is a multicultural continent with lots of history and sights, so there’s a lot to see :

Basically, every nations history has its positive impact on each nation as well. There are many sights that can be seen across the Union itself. For example, Italy, there was a Roman empire before and so, there are many sight left by Romans.

Thanks to European Union we can organise such projects as we are running now, because everything is achievable.

And that is basically why we are here, because if this was not possible, we would not be here at the moment, speaking, why is it so important to be a European citizen. In the past, it was not that easy, so we have to be greatful for such an opportunity.

-Almost every nation has English as a second language, so it’s easy for us to communicate within Europe with basically only English :

The communication language in the project is English, nothing more to say about this, already this says everything.

-Almost every country has Euro as its currency (only a few exceptions) :

Having united currency is a big plus to creating something that would not be possible without Euro, yeah , there are some exceptions, but I think that this will be solved in near future and maybe at one point, the whole world will have one currency all along.

-There are lots of different cuisines in Europe so we can try out new things :

Let’s be honest here, every country has its specialities. They are offering them to us everytime, we visit new countries. As Europeans, we can try out new things across all different countries.

-Ability to go somewhere in Europe on vacation


We are proud to be part of the United Europe due to its freedom of speech, and the peace between the countries which form it.

It’s also the cradle of Human and Children’s Rights. Every European citizen has the same rights and duties.

Europe protects states which are not European against injustice and looks after the health of its citizens; Europe has gool welfare system and believes that everybody should enjoy the access to education, health care and social security. it is also focused on protecting the environment.

But our solidarity doesn’t stop there: we also help each other if any crisis, either economic or humanitary, come up.

Europe identifies itself closely with rejection of violence, war and other conflicts as a means of resolving arguments between countries.

In Europe there is a diversity of culture and of languages.

Europe has an international influence on economics and international politics

In the Schengen area, European citizens can move around freely in Europe : I love this feeling of freedom, because borders are open. In every country people are so similar in terms of looking.

Having the same money is also an advantage because we don’t need to change currencies while travelling, and it protects the inner business between European countries, which will rather buy stocks from their neighbours than from countries from other continents (e.g. China).

Our continent also owns a lot watery surfaces and green vegetations, as well as adequate temperatures to the seasons. We haven't got severe natural disasters.


Why is it good to be in European Union?

If someone lives in the Europain Union it is very useful due to the fact that it has got many advantages as well as such good opportunities.

First of all, we can travel thanks to taking part in some international projects, like Comenius or Erasmus+. We can learn history of European countries in an easier way. When we go on a trip we get to know lots of new people or new languages. We have lots of experiences.

Between European countries there is an economic solidarity. It means that when a country has a difficult situation the other countries can help each other.

I believe we can solve some typical problems such as unemployment owing to the fact that young people are not afraid to learn and work abroad.

In our opinion, it is good to be a European student because we get the same education system in every country, because of this we can change our school so easily especially universities. Moreover, students are able to get the best education and best teachers. Thanks to students exchange programs we are able to make several international connections which we can use in the later part of our life. 


Europe is the cradle of Human and Children’s Rights. Every European citizen has the same rights and duties.

Europe also protects states which are not European against injustice.

Europe protects the health of its citizens and it is also focused on protecting the environment.

In Europe there is a diversity of culture and of languages.

Europe has an international influence on economics and international politics

In the Schengen area, European citizens can move around freely in Europe.

Having the same money is an advantage because we don’t need to change currencies while travelling, and it protects the inner business between European countries which would rather buy stocks from their neighbours than from countries in other continents.

But our solidarity doesn’t stop there: we also help each other if there is any crisis, either economic or humanitary.