How to protect the environment?

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How to protect the environment?

1. On an individual level

a) Save energy:

  • Switch off the light when you leave the room.
  • Turn off the TV when you don’t watch it.
  • Turn off the radio when you don’t listen to it.
  • Turn off your computer when you don’t use it.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs.

b) Save water:

  • Take a quick shower instead of a bath.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Let a dishwasher wash your dishes – it uses less water.
  • Collect rainwater – ideal for plants.

c) Save trees:

  • Use both sides of paper for writing or drawing
  • Do not makebonfiresin the forestifthere is nodesignated place
  • Make sure you do not waste space on a piece of paper

d) Take care of cleanliness around you:

  • Throw rubbish into a trash bin
  • Clean up after your dog when you take it for a walk
  • Sort rubbish.
  • Don’t litter the streets.

e) Do the smart shopping:

  • Pay attention to what you buy - is it made of recyclable materials?
  • Buy only what you need.
  • Take your own shopping bag instead of using plastic carrier bags.
  • Choose glass packaging instead of plastic one.

f) Think about the stuff you throw away:

  • Do not throw away your toys or clothes you don’t use any more

– they may be useful for someone else.

  • Compost organic waste (for high quality organic fertilizer).

g) Do not pollute the environment with exhaust fumes:

  • Walk or cycle to school rather than going by car.
  • Share a car – 4 people in a car rather than 4 separate cars.
  • Use public transport.
  • Use unleaded petrol.

h) Do not forget about the environment:

  • Talk to your family members about different ways of protecting the environment.

2. On a national level

  • Support reasonablemanagement of the environment.
  • Support the the government’s pro-ecological policies.
  • The government should take advantage of renewable sources of energy.
  • More money should be spent on eco-friendly technologies (e.g. in a car or heating industry).
  • There should be more recycling power plants built.
  • People should be encouraged not to use coal to heat houses.
  • There should be more city bikes.
  • More focus on environment education at school from a very early age.
  • Protect endangered species in nature reserves.
  • Educate the community in the field of waste collection
  • Management ofenvironmental resourcesin accordance with theprinciple of sustainable development.
  • Counteract pollution.
  • Createnational parks andmonuments of nature.
  • Recycling.

2. On an international level

  • There should be management ofenvironmental resourcesin accordance with theprinciple of sustainable development.
  • Countries should cooperate to counteract air pollution or water contamination.
  • Createnational parks and nature reserves
  • Share knowledge and the latest technological devices to save the environment.
  • Make sure the standards and regulations are followed by all the countries.
  • Introduce common laws concerning the use of alternative sources of energy.