Many thanks to Greece

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It was my first and best experience in Greece, Kos is a beautiful place which has a lot of monuments and things to do! People also are amazing and very kind ! In Kos, we visited a lot of places such as the Muslim Village, Hippocrates museum and garden, Nisyros, Kefalos and also Blue Lagoon Village Resort. It was wonderful !

But now I miss everybody also my host family, so I want to thank all of greek people who were welcoming, warm, kind, and very close to us ! But as we say in french " Absence makes the heart grow fonder "

I miss you guys and hope to see you soon ;)

PS: don't forget " Wesh Pelo ; Beta Omega Omega Beta Alpha " ^^

σαγαπώ <3



The meeting in Kos was very interesting, everyone was nice. Kos is a very beautiful city, there's a lot things to do. People have a good heart and they love other cultures, that's why we were welcomed well .

Hello guys it's Jack I miss everybody except everybody. Lol . No I'm just kidding I miss everybody exepct the Lettonian girls ;-). No I'm just kidding, I love you guys all it was an awesome week we will meet again. The activities were very interesting especially the visit of the volcano in Nissyros. I was impressed just like when the girls see my abs Lol. One of the bad things some people were staying alone and weren't integrated in the big group of COMENIUS.