TURKEY: Özel Erdil Anadolu Lisesi in Istanbul.

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Özel Erdil Anadolu Lisesi is a private school located at Çamlıca Hill, the highest and the most beautiful place of Istanbul. Erdil Educational Institutions have also a primary school and a kindergarten. Our students’ parents have to give some money to the school every year. That’s why, we can say that most of them have a middle or high socio-economic degree in their lifestyles. This truth absolutely makes a significant contribution to their education. In addition to this, our institution pays much importance to the foreign language teaching. English is very important at our school. German and Spanish are also taught as a second foreign language. So English education starts at the age of 4. German and Spanish are taught from the 4th grade to the 12th grade. At high school there are 10 English lessons in a week for 9th grades, 8 hours in a week for 10th grades, 6 hours in a week for 11th grades and for 12th grade students, 4 hours in a week . Also we organize a lot of activities, dramas, competitions with our students in our school. We do not have any pupils with special needs.  Also we do not have any migrants or refugees. We are not in a disadvantage area because our school is in Üsküdar / İstanbul which is a big town.

      In this Comenius Project, our partnership focuses mainly on pupil involvement, so they will always be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all project activities.

      All of the activities will be put into the curriculum of the partner schools in the beginning of the project. This means that not also the teachers but also the students will learn what they will do through the whole year about the project. This will help them feel that they are doing something serious and very important, so their motivation will be increased to their school subjects and to their relations with the partner schools.