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The Istituto di Istruzione Superiore is situated in Tropea, a gorgeous natural and architectural place in the south of Italy. Tourism is the most important activity, but the area has not a greatly positive economic, social and cultural welfare. The economic development is, in fact, limited by the lack of specialized workers and by the phenomenon of criminality, whose influence is greatly felt.

The school is a secondary one, with three different specializations, the one in classical studies, the one in scientific studies, the vocational one ( economics and catering services). The students, aged 13-14 to 18-19, come from different social backgrounds. Some of them are quite motivated, but many of them need to be strongly sustained, being at risk of social exclusion, in order to partecipate actively in school life and to understand the importance of respect for different social and cultural backgrounds. Our school is also attended by students with special needs  and by students coming from different countries.

The Istituto di Istruzione Superiore of Tropea would like to reinforce, through the partecipation to this project, some principles which already are the basis of our curricular and extra-curricular activities: freedom, tolerance and solidarity in a multicultural society, respect for the environment, the culture of peace and legality, the importance of gender equality and the support to "weak" people ( students with handicap or problems, old people, people with economic or social difficulties ).

The previous multicultural projects realized by the school showed how important and positive to students, teachers and the local community it is to work with European partners to overcome social prejudices and to realize a wide cooperation for the building of a real European cultural space.


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