LATVIA: Stalbes vidusskola in Pargauja.

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Stalbe high school is located in Pargauja municipality, in the central part of Stalbe parish. It is 80 km from the capital city Riga. School founded in 1988. and the following year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Pargauja municipality was formed in 2009 according to the territorial reform in Latvia by joining 3 parishes: Straupe, Stalbe and Raiskums. In the municipality there are about 4600 inhabitants, in Stalbe parish about 1200. This school year( 2012./2013.) in pre-school there are  80 children, in basic education program from grade 1-9 there are 110 children and in high school education program from grade 10-12 there are 35 students. In the school there are realized 4 education programs. Children with special needs are integrated in our school. In the school is a sports hall, where students can spend their time after school.

The biggest problem in society is unstable economical situation in Latvia, as well as low incomes and unemployment. These are problems from which suffer families with children. Many parents are employed by programs supported by European Social Fund. Also many parents go to other countries to look for the job.

Agriculture, dairy farming, tourism, woodworking, as well as public services are dominating fields in Pargauja municipality.