Traffic safety and addictions

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Tasks for the meeting in Slovakia

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Meeting in Slovakia (19/01/ - 23/01/2014)


TASKS 1 (just questionnaire), 3 AND 4 – EVERY PARTNER SCHOOL WILL SEND TO SLOVAKIA – DEADLINE – 01/12/2014

Regarding TASK 1:

-          Visit an institution aimed at some kind of help: social services home, refugee(asylum) center, children and youth home, homefor the elderly, homefor abused women etc.

FORM: PowerPoint Presentation or interview, film, reportmax. 10 minutes

How to prepare a presentation:

A)     A short portrait of the chosen institution – how many clients, what kind of problems, average length of their stay there, daily routine, their chances to be included in common social life

B)      Name 2 – 3 fields of problems concerning this group of people which represent an obstacle in their equality to other people

C)      Suggest some possibilities of solving these problems (institutions, European Member of Parliament for human rights, third sector, charity, etc.). According to the facts, you have found, write a report or a letter to your MP for human rights or other institutions dealing with human rights.

D)     Give a suggestion how can a common citizen contribute to the solution of these problems in every country.

(Fill in a questionnaire and send to Slovakia)

Regarding TASK 2:

-          Find information in massmedia and prepare a human story of one person – a specific lifestory, a description of situation of current restrictions or violations of human rights in every country and solutions

FORM: PowerPoint presentation - max. 10 minutes – will be presented during the meeting

Regarding TASK 3:

Prepare a historical information mosaic on violations of human rights and struggle for human rights in the past in every country.

Every partner will find 2 pieces of information – the examples of violations of human rights (1) and a struggle for human rights (1) concerning specific lifestories in the 20th century.

FORM: 2 leaflets (1 leaflet = 1 piece of information) – A4 sheet with short information and photos – send these leaflets in pdf to Slovakia – they will be exposed at an exhibition „If you do not know your own history, you cannot influence your future“.

Regarding TASK 4:

Create a common vocabulary on the topic of Human Rights – Slovakia will prepare a base for it, send it to others and every partner will complete the part in their own language.



Visited institution (type):

Reasons (1-2) for stay in the institution:



How many people are in the institution?

How long is their average stay?

What is their daily routine?

What are their chances to be included in a common life?

Name (2- 3) fields of problems concerning this group of people:





Polish students' memories from Kos

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It was a fantastic experience and also a great adventure. In Greece we visited not only Kos Island, but also Athens and Nisyros’ Volcano Crater. All of those places are really beautiful and absolutely worth seeing. Karolina and I, as well as other students from different countries, had a wonderful time in Greece. I already miss them all! I would also like to say "thank you" to my host family and all the Comenius teachers and students for this week - one of the best ones in my life. I hope we'll see each other again soon.

Agnieszka Mazur

It was an amazing experience to visit Kos. All the places which we visited here were extremely beautiful. I want to thank all those who were there and my host family. I will never forget this week and the people I met. Thank you for everything!

Karolina Chudzik





In the morning we had some integration activities at school, so we got to know each other. Then we were divided into groups and had small tours around the school and then around the town. After visiting Municipality we had lunch with our host families at home. In our free time some of us went to town for an evening walk.


The second day also started with some activities at school. We had a meeting with a doctor and nutrition expert. We talked about diseases, healthy lifestyle and eating habits. The experts gave us some useful tips on how to be healthy. Then we went by bus to Hippocratic Foundation. We visited a small museum, garden of Hippocrates’ medicine plants and played a game. After that we had lunch in a small Muslim Village – we tasted Turkish-Greek cuisine. After lunch we went to Asclepeion, the place whereHippocratesfounded his medical school, to see a performance by a Greek teacher and students – representation of Hippocratic Oath. Next, we were collected by families and in the evening we were back at school for an integration party.


We spent the third day on an island, which is an active volcano – Nisyros. We got there by boat and then by bus. It was hot there and there was a smell of sulfur. In addition tothe crater we alsovisiteda museum and had a walk around the small town. We were back in Kos about 5 o’clock and then we had free time.


On Thursday we had some IT classes first, and then a meeting with Greek police. They presented some statistics about road accidents and told us about road safety matters. After that we went by bus to Zia – a small village in neighborhood, had a walk around it and ate traditional Greek lunch. In the evening all the Comenius students met in a cafeteria and spent a nice time together chatting and playing games.


The last day started also at school. We saw some spots about addictions and healthy lifestyle prepared by students from each country and a poster against drugs, alcohol etc, created by some of us the previous day. Then we watched some movies about road accidents and we learned how important it is to be careful, even if we know the road very well. After that we had a small tour around Kos by bus and then we went to Triantafilopoulou vines – wine factory. Then we visited also a beach Kefalos and Blue Lagoon Village Resort, where we had lunch. Next, we went back to prepare for the party, which was in Fantasia club. It was a typical Greek night with traditional food, dances and Greek music. We were sad, that it was over but at least we have great memories from this meeting.



A big THANK YOU to Greece

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Dear Athina, Giorgos and all the teachers preparing the visit in Kos,

Let me express our gratitude for what you did to all of us during the stay in Greece. We had a chance to see how friendly people in Kos are, how spectacular places to admire you have, how rich history Greeks should be proud of and finally how cooperative teachers and students are. On behalf of myself and all the coordinators of our project, I would like to thank you for everything again. Special thanks to hosting students and parents, who together with their colleagues prepared the whole visit, for their active involvement and very friendly attitude.

Best wishes,

Pawel Posnik


Meeting in Greece

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Visit in Greece - Timetable

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