Many thanks to Hungary

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 Travel diary 


➡️ On sunday we took the plane at 10:15 and arrived in Zurich in about 13:00 in the morning. We then landed in Budapest and took a bus, heading to Gyula.
We were welcomed by our host families and settled down.

➡️ On Monday we went to one of the several secondary schools of the town and assisted to an opening ceremony made by the pupils : we've seen some singing, karate and traditionnal dances. We then had an hungarian language class. We had to separate into 6 groups to make speeches about why are we proud to be European citizens. During the break, we played football, comenius' pupiles against the Hungarian ones. We learned the flashmob and after two hours of rehersal we got to go home.  During the evening, Aya and Ayète went to drink a cocktail at a local bar, Youssef and Amine went to eat at a pizzeria while Marine did pedalo with her host family.

➡️ Tuesday was one of the hottest day of the week. We visited the City Hall while being welcomed by Gyula's mayor, who made a speech explaining the town's history. After that, we did a game to visit the city: we had a map and demands we could only answer by going to the locations on the said-map. We then visited an other school, the one where our host are in, and ate there. We finished the flashmob as well as the speech. This evening we went to a party in a park and ate a barbecue. All of the comenius pupils were there and the french were the last one to leave the celebration.

➡️ On Wednesday, we went together in Gulya's castle where we wore medieval clothes while visiting it. We ate in the Castle's Restaurant. Afterwards, we headed to the Castle's bath and had much fun. There were many sliders, several pools and a diver. In the free time Aya and Ayète went out with their correspondant's brother and his girlfriend, and gave them a french lesson since they learn it in highschool. Youssef and Amine went to do pedalo on the river and then went with Marine to eat something in the city center.

➡️ On Thursday we were divided in 2 groups : the first one was composed of Poland, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Portugal and the other one was composed of France, Slovakia, Latvia and Italia. We went to the kart and then to the adventure park. Ayète and Amine (as well as Youssef) were the best drivers in the go kart. In the afternoon, we lastly rehersed the flashmob and the speeches. In the evening Amine and Youssef  went to play football and ate in a restaurant with other comenius pupils (portugueses, italian) and Aya and Ayète went to do shopping in a mall in Békéscaba called Csaba Center, and ride bikes around the city. They then cooked typical french food as an omelette and pastas. Their family liked it very much, while Marine ride the train and walked around the city.

➡️ On Friday, in the morning we did the flashmob and the speeches, all of the school's students assisted to it. We then had freetime before the lunch and enjoyed it doing selfies with the pupils and drank beverages. Since the whole afternoon was freetime, Amine and Youssef went to the shopping center while Aya, Ayète and Marine walked around the city until 15:30. Then all of us got ready for the farewell party that started at 16:30. We did a boat trip to visit the River Koros. We ate a Comenius cake and then partied until 23:00. It was much fun, we also learned the Hungarian Folkdance. It was a goodbye party.

Many thanks to our host families, Monika and Agnes


Aya, Ayète, Marine, Amine et Youssef