A big THANK YOU to Greece

Category: Poland - Licem Ogólnokształcące im. Piotra Skargi w Grójcu Created: 21 October 2014
Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 October 2014 23:53 Published: 21 October 2014
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Dear Athina, Giorgos and all the teachers preparing the visit in Kos,

Let me express our gratitude for what you did to all of us during the stay in Greece. We had a chance to see how friendly people in Kos are, how spectacular places to admire you have, how rich history Greeks should be proud of and finally how cooperative teachers and students are. On behalf of myself and all the coordinators of our project, I would like to thank you for everything again. Special thanks to hosting students and parents, who together with their colleagues prepared the whole visit, for their active involvement and very friendly attitude.

Best wishes,

Pawel Posnik