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1 Who were the Hungarian composers who collected a lot of Hungarian folk songs?

     a Bartók Béla, Erkel Ferenc                     b Bartók Béla, Kodály Zoltán

     c Erkel Ferenc, Liszt Ferenc                   d Liszt Ferenc, Kodály Zoltán


2 What is the lake in Hungary called which is the largest freshwater lake in Central -Europe?

   a Lake Balaton                                         b Lake Velencei

   c Lake Szelidi                                           d Lake Tisza


3 What is the library of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary called?

   a Bibliotheca Corviniana                       b Matthias Bibliotheca

   c Bibliotheca Renaissance                   d the King Bibliotheca


4 Who was the Hungarian national poet who took part and died in the Hungarian war of      independence of 1848-49?

   a Arany János                                           b Jókai Mór

   c Vörösmarty Mihály                               d Petőfi Sándor


5 When did the revolution and war of independence of 1848 start? ( This day is now a public  holiday in Hungary.)  

   a 20 August                                             b 23 October

   c 15 March                                               d 1 May


6 What was the legendary Hungarian football team in the 1950s called?


   a the Silver Team                                                 b the Perfect Team

   c the Great Team                                               d the Golden Team



1 b

2 a

3 a

4 d

5 c

6 d