Polish students' memories from the visit in Germany

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"I have just got back from the meeting in Germany. Me and my 5 Polish friends spent a wonderful week there. I’m extremely lucky to have had a chance to visit so many beautiful and interesting places like Hohenzollern castle and Mercedes Benz museum or to spend time and do some shopping in German cities: Frankfurt and Stuttgart. But in my opinion the best part of Comenius is meeting new friends from all around Europe. I also spent time with students who were in Poland – especially Basak, who stayed in my house during her visit. All Comenius people did many things together like bowling or watching a football match. That’s why it was so sad to say “goodbye” on the last day.
Thank you Jessi for being such a good host friend and thank you everyone for the time we spent together! I hope we will meet again one day."

Magda Andrychowicz

"First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the people from Germany and other countries for making this week one of the best in my life. This visit was awesome and I will never forget it. Germany is a wonderful state. I will miss my host friend and the others. After this visit I have the best memories and photos. I hope that we will meet in the future."

Martyna Zieja

"It was big pleasure to me to visit Germany. It is a very nice country with many beautiful views. People who live here are very nice and they can have great fun. They are freak about football and everything that is connected with their national team. I have great memories connected with my host family especially about Jonas who is a cheerful person. It was very nice to find out something new about another culture. This visit helped me a lot with my English. I think that there were some mistakes connected with the organization but it wasn't very serious, only sometimes it was confusing. I think that it was great integration and I would like to go back to Germany in future."

Przemysław Galas


"During my stay in Kirchheim I refreshed the knowledge on economy gained in Poland. I met many new and wonderful people with whom I'll probably keep in touch for many years. I learned a lot about our western neighbours’ habits, and I saw with my own eyes how to celebrate the victory of their football team. I also had the opportunity to taste traditional dishes of the country (for example Spetzle, or hand-made noodles). Despite some inaccuracies I had a great time during the exchange. The trip to Germany was an amazing experience that I would like to repeat in the near future."

Mateusz Marlikowski


"I’m very happy that I could go to Germany. This time was really fantastic. Thanks to Comenius Project I met a lot of friendly, cheerful and nice students. I'd like to thank all the people who were in Germany and my host family. In this country I improved my English language skills. I also visited many interesting places such as Frankfurt am Main, Esslingen or Stuttgart. This week was one of the best in my life. I will miss everyone and I will always remember you. Thank you for everything."

Natalia Barszcz