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On a national level:

·         lower taxesfor employersprovidingnew jobs

·         creating a system offlexiblelearning

·         lessred tape involved inopeningnew businesses

·         supportingsmallandmedium-sized enterprises

·         strivingto increase production andemployment

·         reduction in VAT payment upon export lowering taxes for employers who create new jobs creating a more flexible and effective system of education


  • reduction of bureaucracy associated with opening new businesses


  • supporting small and medium-sized enterprises


  • exemption from payment of VAT for export
  • reduction of working time
·      supporting export what will contribute to the increase in employment

·      exemption of taxes while exporting products

·      opening some jobs which were available only for people with special education

·         The National Training Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Szkoleniowy) which gives over 40 million zloties every year for courses for workers who want to change their qualifications(especially people at the age 45+)

·         The Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP) (Hufiec Pracy) is a state organization which helps young people (15-25 years old) find a job, teaches them about labour market and opportunities of education. This organisation helps older people improve their qualifications or retrain them.

·         law about work places protection (Ustawa o ochronie miejsc pracy). Every employer, who has temporary economic problems (decline of sales was more than 15% in last 6 months) may get a surcharge for workers’ salaries and financial help for courses.

·         there are many laws which protect parents on maternity or post-maternity leaves. Employers cannot lay them off during leaves without a special reason

·         the government is working on a law which will change rules of Employment Service. People there will be divided into a few groups related to time and reason why they are unemployed as well as age.

·         the government has created ‘’National Training Fund’’. All the money (40 million zloties this year and 200 million zloties in subsequent years) is spent on staff training. Fund supports people over 45 years.

·         Financial support for the 110 companies in difficult situations and 2186 rescued posts. Employers can use payment of salaries during economic crisis in Poland (maximum 1 100 PLN), funding for staff training (maximum11 300 PLN) and the money to pay dues for employees. Requirement: employers can not exempt anyone at this time.

·         young people get loans to start their own business.

·         Workshops for young people and students. Workshops help to gain experience and dream job. Students in Poland can gain new knowledge and skills too.

·         ‘’Program Active Women’’. This program helps older women (above 50 years of age) prepare for work.

·         the government conducts professional training consultancy.

·         introduction of flexible working for companies. Flexible working hours help companies better organize their work. They do not have to lay employees off when temporarily reducing the number of orders.




On a local level:

·        commissioning public works

·        creating favorable conditions for the development of companies in their area

·        attracting foreign capital

·        putting on small and medium-sized enterprises

·        cooperation with local entrepreneurs

·         putting on small and medium-sized enterprises

·         clever use of the EU grants

·         launching of public works

·         searching for foreign investors

·         supporting small and medium business

·         creating special conditions which make it easier to run a company

·         rational use of European Funds

·         taking up actions which lead to the decrease in the number of emigrants

·         organizing some training courses to increase the level of education