Italian Students talk about Democracy

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Created: 11 February 2014
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The terms civilization and democracy for the Well-being, are closely linked: the more a society is modern, the easier it is to get happiness. The word "democracy" means "government of the people". This concept can therefore assume different shades depending on what is meant by "popular government". It's just that people have the right to elect their own representatives and that they are able to govern the country. Modern democracy must also ensure a range of rights (civil, political, economic, social, ethical). Among the civil rights we can mention the freedom of speech and information, freedom of worship, the right to strike; among political rights, we find the right to vote, the right of election; among economic rights, the right to private property and the free market. Among the social rights, we need to consider social solidarity, health care, equal employment opportunities, the right to education. Among the ethical rights, the right to decide over one's own body and freedom of sexual orientation. As regards the Well-being, since the aim is the happiness of the individual (since the first article of the Italian Constitution says "Italy is a democratic republic founded on work", it should be replaced with something like "Italy is a democratic republic founded on values which promote the quality of life"), the first right of all, should be that of a "European citizenship".


New options in the menu!

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We have launched a new option in the menu.
Now you can watch presentations and videos of the meetings.
Look at the picture, where are situated the new options.

Our web server has some limitations as to the capacity, bandwitch and capabilities, so... all videos will be posted on YOUTUBE channel, and presentations on SlideShare channel.
In the near future all already included presentations and videos will be properly transferred to the YouTube channel and SlideShare channel.

Anna Mocarska



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Laoumtzi Kontessa Kos 2013, Vouliaki Dilena Kos 2013





Back from Portugal

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Dear friend of the Portuguese school "Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro". In our hearts it is still alive the emotion of the beautiful meeting we took part at. Your land is wonderful......., the Portuguese are wonderful people! We liked your elegant and modern school, the warmth of the human relations that we have enjoyed, the charm of the impressive places we visited, the taste of your fantastic food and the joy that overwhelmed us in a magical atmosphere of music and dance. This is the charm of the Comenius project: to open the doors to the typical cultural features of each country, to savor the different flavors of our wonderful, multifaceted and versatile Europe. A big kiss, rich in friendship to you and all to the Comenius partners. We anxiously await the next step in Seville.

 Beatrice, Giuseppina and Rina


Polish students' memories from the visit in Portugal

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Sunday 19th January
On Sunday morning we began our Comenius adventure in Portugal. The flight took a long time – we could not wait to meet our host families. Before landing we could watch an amazing view of Lisbon and the ocean. From the airport we were picked up by teachers, whom we had already met in Poland. They greeted us very warmly. After a little more than an hour we were in front of the school in Caldas, where the girls from our host families were waiting for us. When we were travelling to school we were delighted to see a beautiful castle on a hill in Obidos. Because my (Kate’s) and Cristina’s host families live in two adjacent blocks of flats and they’re friends, we ate a really big dinner together. During that meal, we met more and more people, who were very friendly. Afterwards we went for a walk around Caldas. The city of Caldas da Rainha is beautiful and different from our city. Its houses and buildings are white and here they grow palm trees and plants that do not exist in Poland. Our host families were nice and friendly and the houses were full of warm atmosphere. Caldas is a beautiful city, which probably never sleeps. Although it was really late, the streets and cafes were full of people. All of them behaved as if they had known us forever. There were no language barriers, it was perfect. After some time, tired but satisfied, we came back home.

Monday 20th January
Monday was a busy but enjoyable day. It all started with a long wait in the assembly hall due to technical problems, but thanks to the expectations we had the opportunity to meet the new Comenius project participants and meet again those who had visited us in Poland in November. It all started with a welcome speech from the school. We had the great honour to start the presentations of folk dances and also to find new information about dances in other countries. After the presentations we had lunch in the school cafeteria and visited the school. Then we all returned to the Festival Hall and watched the presentations about famous artists. Finally, at 18:30, we returned home exhausted but with a lot of new experience.
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1. In democracy people are nt he centre. Their ideas and opinion are important.

2. Democracy means that the members of the society having the right to vote can take part in decision of public matters so nt he self- governing.

3. Useful expressions

-right to vote

-decide public matters


-sharing power

-public vote

These are the assurances of democratic powermaintaning.

4. Claims from people

-know information

-responsible decision

-be active

-be honest

-know the rules

-do what is permitted

-respect the others

-accept others’opinion

5. Democracy

           the opinion of the majority BALANCE minorities

6.   Democracy

- in the narrow sense: taking part in political processes

- in the wider sense: the world based on the equality

7. Democracy at school

It means that the students have the right to express their opinion in connection with the school life.

The students self-government has representatives from all classes.

Democracy in the class means that the majority of the students make decisions about debated questions.


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